My name is Shamira West, a Certified Nutrition Coach through Precision Nutrition and a Yoga Alliance 200hr Yoga Instructor. I was born and raised in NYC. I graduated with a Bachelor's in Marketing at Pennsylvania State University and had a digital marketing career for close to 5 years. After spending 4 1/2 years in Digital Marketing, facing my own personal health issues, and a desire to learn more about healthy living, I decided to leave Corporate America in 2015 and pursue a career in health & fitness. 


Yoga came into my life briefly in 2014. I was just cleared to workout again after being hospitalized for Rhabdomyolysis, a condition in which skeletal muscle breaks down rapidly causing fatigue and potentially kidney failure. I was extremely weak in my upper body, and was terrified to lift weights again after my injury. Someone suggested I take a yoga class to build strength using my body weight. My first class was so hard as I assume it is for most beginners. I could barely push myself into upward facing dog, however, that didn't stop me from going every Sunday morning rain or shine. I eventually got stronger, returned to the weight room and rarely practiced yoga until the spring of 2017. During that year, I pretty much hit rock bottom in my personal life, became homeless, depressed, and needed an outlet for my mental health. I turned to yoga and meditation. It helped me get through some of my worst days that Spring. There are so many lessons that can be learned when you get on your mat. Through my experience with yoga over the years, I discovered there was something else that kept me coming back to my mat, something that provided far more than simply the physical benefits of exercise which was my initial introduction to yoga. I developed a passion for the mind-body awareness the practice provides. This led me to pursue my 200hr in Dallas, TX. Teacher training deepened my practice and allowed me to share this with others. 


My Classes

My classes are rooted in Vinyasa, Mediation and Yin Yoga. I teach to all levels (beginners to advance practitioners). I have been told numerous times from my students that I have great music, a calm and nurturing voice and great cues. To learn more about the studios I teach at and my schedule click here


This blog is a space for me to share all things wellness. Things from living a zero waste and sustainable lifestyle to vegan nutrition and mental wellness. I hope you enjoy this space and leave feeling confident and knowledgeable about your wellness journey. I want this space to be educational, inspiring and entertaining. My goal is to Inspire others to create a life of abundance and health through plant based living and an alkalized lifestyle. Helping like-minded individuals from around the world think and act consciously, outside of the box. Mentoring you as you create the life of your dreams by prioritizing physical, mental, spiritual and financial health first and foremost. To check out my recent posts click here. To contact me about anything that comes to mind, send me a message here. To stay up-to-date on things I am doing (events, classes, new website updates), sign up for my monthly newsletter below.


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