I want to live fearlessly. Living fearlessly to me doesn't mean a life without fear, but a life in which fear doesn't stop my dreams and aspirations. I have let fear stop me in the past, however, in the past couple of months to a year I have worked on dealing with fear and not allowing it to stop me. 


I'll be the first to tell you, it isn't an easy task. It takes courage, self-love and will power to face your fears head on and do what makes you happy. You have to remember that 80% of the things you are afraid of NEVER HAPPENS! It is all in your head. Last year when I decided enough was enough, I made a list of things I would try to remember so I wouldn't let fear get in the way of my happiness. It was a daily practice for me. These daily reminders brought me to a place wihere I felt comfortable with the decisions I made for my life. I hope it does the same for you.

  1. Surround yourself with people who will support you and inspire you daily.
  2. Ask yourself - "What's the worse that can happen?"
  3. Have a plan - Write down different ways you will handle a situation that didn't go your way.
  4. Ask yourself - "What am I going to lose out on in life if I am paralyzed by fear? Is it worth it?"
  5. Remember (F)alse (E)vidence (A)ppearing (R)eal
  6. Don't think about it for too long. 
  7. Take a deep breath and JUST DO IT. 
  8. Write about how you felt after facing that fear.


What are some ways you combat fear? 

Photos taken by the lovely Megan Weaver

xoxo ShamiraFit