What I Eat In A Typical Day as a Plant Based Vegan

Since the Plant-based diet is all the rage these days, whenever I tell people I am vegan, I automatically get the question: "what exactly do you eat?" So, today I will like to share a what I eat in a day post through photos of my food! My hope is that by seeing this you will: 

  1.  Realize that vegans don't always eat salads. 
  2. See that plant-based foods are not boring, but colorful and flavorful  
  3.  See that eating plant-based can be a social event with non-vegans
  4.  See that it's not a restrictive diet


For breakfast I like to keep it very simple, I'm usually up and ready to start my day pretty early; so I like something that is quick and easy to make. My go-to's are oatmeal with a ton of fruit (I sometimes mix protein powder in it), and/or a protein-superfoods packed smoothie. If I have extra time in the morning, protein pancakes are awesome or I might have brunch with a friend.  These usually keep me full until I need to eat again which is anywhere from 3-4 hours.   




For lunch I LOVE to a big meal. I usually load up my plate with a ton of veggies and greens to keep me full midday. Sometimes I will go out to eat if I have time/budget for it. However the majority of the time, I Casey my food around.  I love savory dishes for lunch.



Dinner is usually similar to lunch. I load up my plate with a ton of veggies! The best thing about being on a plantbased diet is that you can eat a lot of food in one setting and not have to worry about gaining weight or feeling bloated.  



Snacks are typically something super simple and I don't have it often, because my other meals are usually so large, I'm not always hungry inbetween meals! On a hot summer day, I might grab a vegan Popsicle, drink my homemade green smoothie, or eat  a mix of nuts & seeds.


There you have it guys! A glimpse into what I eat on a typical day. Nothing special. As you can see, I try to stay close to whole/real foods. I hardly eat the fake "meats." If you liked this post and it gave you some inspiration on how you can include more plantbased meals into your diet, let me know! I would love to continue doing posts like this!