Best Vegan Restaurants in Dallas, TX

I think this is going to be a blog post that I update quite often. Anytime I find a new spot in Dallas I just can’t live without, I will add it to this list or create a new post! For the most part, I am a creature of habit. I live in a city where there aren't a lot of options for vegans. I mean think about it, Texas love their BBQ's! So when I do find delicious vegan food, I tend to stick with it for a while and recommend it to anyone who ask. Keep reading to see my favorite restaurants and my favorite menu items.


Flower Child

Although the title of this post says "vegan restaurants," not all restaurants are 100% vegan including Flower Child. I am adding it to the list because they have amazing vegan options on their menu. Flower Child in located in Inwood Village, right on Lovers Lane. They are not only located in Dallas; they have several other locations including Santa Monica, CA & Austin, TX. They are super busy during lunch hours, so I recommend ordering ahead and picking up! 

Favorite Dish: Mother Earth (pictured) It's seriously the best thing I have ever had. Ancient grains, sweet potato, portobello mushroom, avocado, cucumber, broccoli pesto, charred onions, leafy greens, red pepper miso vinaigrette and hemp seeds.

 Photo via Flower Child

Photo via Flower Child


V-Eats Modern Vegan at Trinity Grove is a 100% vegan restaurant here in Dallas. It is located in Trinity Groves on Gulden Lane. Chef Troy Gardner and his culinary team specializes in crafting amazing plant-based “meats” that will fool your non-vegan friend in a good way! Their clever use of cruelty-free ingredients creates the texture and flavors of meat with compassion. If you are looking for a vegan version of chicken & waffles, cocktails, chicken fried steak and pasta, you need to take yourself to V-Eats now! 

dal_food_20161206_veats_kathytran_099 (1).jpg

Favorite Dish: Artichoke Pizza & Chick 'n' & Waffles (pictured) I have only been a vegan for a 1 1/2 and pizza was one of my guilty pleasures. Lets just say their Artichoke Pizza is pizza lover approved! 


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Loving Hut is a 100%  vegan restaurant chain that serves vegan foods and dishes. It was founded by Ching Hai. I just recently learned this, but Loving Hut is all over Asia and located in 15 states!! Each location serves menu items popular to that demographic. So the menu is never the same. When you walk into one of their locations, you can tell that the owner is very passionate about a cruelty-free lifestyle, because they have posters and photos of celebrities who are vegan and graphics that share why you should be vegan. All the food is made to order and fresh. The staff is really friendly. You can find Loving Hut in Arlington and there is one in Addison as well. 


Think of your typical diner that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner; providing favorites like pancakes, chips and queso and burgers. That's basically Spiral Diner in a nutshell! Spiral Diner is 100% vegan. Their chips and queso is to die for! Seriously, you wouldn't even be able to tell its vegan cheese. They have the best brunch. I always get a stack of 6 pancakes (yes I can eat A LOT). The cutest thing about their restaurant is the little grocery area where you can buy specialty vegan food items you typically won't find in a regular grocery store. Items such as vegan cheese, vegan meat alternatives, vegan chocolate, vegan cereal and so much more. They have two locations that I know of, one in Fort Worth and one in Dallas (Oakcliff). 

 photo via  Spiral Diner

photo via Spiral Diner

Share your favorite Dallas spots for vegan eats below!