I Am Moving To Fuzhou, China


My adventures abroad will begin in Fuzhou, China. Fuzhou, pronounced Foo-Jo, is located in the Fujian Province, a coastal province located in South East china. While not as famous as the mega cities of Beijing or Shanghai, Fuzhou is a hidden gem on the Minjiang river. Lush and green, with long, hot and sunny summers, it is certain to charm you with its mix of East and West. The city is Famous for its historical architecture, large parks, vibrant art scene, the cleanest air in China, thanks in part to the electronic bikes that are common throughout the city, and their tea culture.


Perhaps surprisingly for most people, Fuzhou has roughly the same population as Hong Kong, with just over 7 million people just with a lot more space and greenery! It is the perfect city to get a feel for real China, but still live in a metropolitan city. I will be living in this beautiful city for 12 months. During the 12 months, i plan to travel to other parts of china like beijing, shanghai, hong kong. once i arrive on may 30th, i will be sure to share my first impression of fuzhou. so far, I have heard that the people are super nice and there are a lot of parks to visit and tour.

Check out the video below to see what fuzhou is like! This video was taken by my employ York English in Fuzhou, China. Isn’t it a beauty? I still can’t believe i’ll be living there for one year, possibly longer if my experience is a positive one.

Video was created by York English! For more information about their company and teaching opportunities please visit https://www.yorkenglishcareers.com/

have you ever been to china? if so, what city did you visit? share you experience below!