5 Tips for Healthy Skin + Luminance Skincare Review


If you've been following my recent posts, then you know how much I stress that your nutrition can influence the appearance of your skin. Once I ditched fast food and started focusing on my health, my skin completely changed. I also believe that good nutrition coupled with a daily skin care regimen can keep your skin looking and feeling healthy.


In the past couple of months, I have been really interested in natural/organic beauty products. What beauty products are made with has become just as important to me as the food I eat everyday. So when I found Luminance Skin Care on Instagram, I just had to try their products. They were kind enough to send me some of the products from their Youthful Facial Skin Care Line to try. Luminance Skincare is an organic and vegan skin care brand. I love that every single product is free of synthetics, toxins and, most importantly; I can pronounce all the ingredients on the labels. 

Today I want to share with you 5 tips for healthy skin using Luminance Skincare's Youthful Skincare Line.  At the end of the review, I have provided everyone with a 15% discount code so you can try Luminance Skincare as well. 

*Length of time I used the products before they were reviewed: 1 Month


Our faces are exposed to so many toxic things from our environment throughout the day. The start of healthy skin begins with a clean face. I cleanse my face twice a day (morning & night) using The Delicate Facial Cleanser. I enjoyed using this cleanser, because it not only smelled citrusy but it didn't leave my skin feeling stiff or dry. 


Toners are great to use after cleansing the face, because it helps balance the pH in your skin. After cleansing, I spritz the Pure Rose Water Toner on my face. I suffer from oily skin, and after using this product for a month I noticed that it has helped control the oily spots around my forehead and nose without drying it out. This toner is 100% rose water. That's it! I love how this toner is all natural, organic and simple. There's no acohols like most commercial toners you see in stores that can really irritate and dry out your skin. It's incredibly kind to my skin but not so gentle that it doesn't do anything. It refreshes, soothes and hydrates my skin with ease. It's apart of my AM & PM routine, but if I am not wearing make up, I will keep it by my desk for a mid-day refresher. Skincare benefits aside, I find the scent of this toner amazing! Imagine walking into a room full of roses! Awesome right? 


Serums are a great way to treat the skin and give it added moisture and maintain its elasticity. Whenever I'm using a product that promises a glow, I am always skeptical. Like I said earlier, I suffer from oily skin. So when I hear "glow," I automatically think of me looking like a grease monkey! That wasn't the case with Luminance's Nourishing Facial Serum. This product suprisingly makes my complexion look unbelievably radiant without making me look greasy. It's incredibily lightweight and absorbs quickly. The formula is amazing too. It is loaded with Tamarind Seed and Tamanu Seed oils which behave just like collegan. The price tag is pretty steep for the amount of product you get, but if you're looking to treat yourself to a skincare product that will revive your skin's natural glow and luster then this is worth considering. 


Moisturizing is a must for healthy skin! I mean who wants to walk around with a dry face, right? I like to use the Organic Hydration Facial Moisturizer in my AM & PM routine. I am always weary of facial moisturizers because most of the commercial facial moisturizers you see in stores are oil based. Not a wise choice for someone with oily skin. Luckily, Luminance's moisturizer is water based with rosewater. It is raw, vegan and loaded with nourishing oils like argan oil, jojoba oil and more. I loved how lightweight  and super absorbant it was. It is not a heavy cream, so you can apply your foundation right on top of it. 

Sun Protection

Did you know that up to 90% of skin cancers are linked to sun exposure. I have been on the hunt for an all natural organic sun screen for months! When I found that Luminance had a sun screen that was vegan, I was intrigued! I kept on wondering how can a sun block be effective without the main ingredient in most commercial sun screen products, Zinc? Well, there is a product out there and it's called Luminance Skincare Organic Sunscreen. Unfortunately, I was unable to determine if this was an effective sunscreen. During the month I used this product, it has been raining like cats and dogs in Dallas. We had a few nice sunny days, and while wearing the sunscreen, I didn't experience any sunburn while outdoors. So all I can go on is the facts about the ingredients of the product and the researched made by the company. It is made up of 100% Red Raspberry Seed Oil, which suprisingly can screen 98% of UVA & UVB and has a SPF of 35 without any harsh chemicals that you would see in your commercial sun care product. I thought that was pretty impressive. It's oil based, but it didn't leave my skin oily at all. It's very absorbant and a little goes a long way. So if you are looking for a vegan & raw sun care product, you might want to give this a try. 

All in all, I really loved Luminance Skincare line, and plan on using them again in the future as part of my skincare regimen. I love using products that are non-toxic, but still give you the skincare benefits of a high quality product. After a month, my oily skin problem has improved, and I honestly believe its from using products that don't have any harsh chemicals it in. Your body responds to what you feed it, both inside and out. So treat it well and use products that have ingredients you can pronounce! 

15% off Discount code

As promised, Luminance Skincare was kind enough to send you all a 15% off discount! Head over to their website and use the discount code Shamirafit at checkout! 

Please Note: The products mentioned in this post were provided by the Luminance Skin Care. I was not compensated for this review. All comments about these products were my own personal & honest opinion. I take this blog and my integrity very seriously. I will not publish anything that I wouldn't purchase, try or wear myself.

Do you like to use non-toxic products to keep your skin healthy? Share below! 

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