They Said...

When you allow what other’s think to cloud your mind, you block your own mind from shining through.
— Anonymous

They Said...

That I will attract gay women.
That I will look boyish or butch.
That I will not be accepted in a corporate office.
That I will look like I have cancer.
That I will never attract a decent man.
That I am prettier with hair on my head.

I responded...

By cutting my hair anyways despite what they think.

By wearing boyfriend jeans and a T-shirt or a pretty dress, because I dont believe the clothes I wear and the style of my hair defines my sexual orientation.

By stepping into the office with confidence, challenging anyone who thinks my work ethic has anything to do with how short my hair is.

By saying if I attract both men and women, I must be one hot lady! I'm flattered.

By reminding myself and those who question my beauty that I define my own beauty; not society. I look my best when I am comfortable in my own skin. 

By saying beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So, if a man doesn't like how I look, then I  guess I am just not his type and he isn't the man for me. *shrugs*

By wishing I had this much confidence the first time I cut my hair in 2011. I accepted what society and the media defined as beautiful and covered up my insecurities with a wig. If only I knew then how beautiful I was.