studio classes

I currently teach at various studios in and around Dallas. See my schedule below and I hope to see you on the mat soon! If these times don't work, practice with me online here or follow my Instagram to see when I am subbing a class.


6:00AM - Powerful Flow Black Swan Yoga Dallas

5:30PM - Vinyasa Yoga Elevate Fitness


2:30PM Beginner Flow Black Swan Yoga Dallas-

6:30PM - Yoga Flow Larry North Fitness Preston Center Location


6:00AM Powerful Flow Black Swan Yoga Dallas


9:00PM  Candlelit | Flow The Refuge Meditation


6:00AM Powerful Flow Black Swan Yoga Dallas

11:30AM Beginner Flow Black Swan Yoga Dallas

6:00PM Manifest | Flow The Refuge Meditation


10:30AM Gentle Yoga Elevate Fitness


10:30AM C2 Vinyasa Yoga Core Power Yoga Mockingbird Station Location

1:00PM Beginner Flow Black Swan Yoga Dallas 


About The Studios & Classes

Black Swan Yoga Dallas is a donation-based heated yoga studio. You can pay whatever you want and take a class. All classes are heated at 90 degrees. 

Elevate Fitness is a private training studio that offers personal training, fitness & yoga classes. Yoga classes are unheated. 

Corepower Yoga is a corporate yoga studio located pretty much everywhere in the USA. They have a mix of heated and non-heated classes. My class is heated at 95-98 degrees.

Larry North Gym is a Fitness gym that offers personal training, equipment for self training and classes. Yoga classes are unheated.

The Refuge Meditation it is a space for fresh weekly meditation / yoga / modern magic classes + workshops that inspire the DFW area as a whole.